Transition from Russian G20/B20 Russian Presidency 2013 to G20/B20 Australian Presidency 2014

With the official passing of the G20/B20 Presidency from Russia to Australia this month, the B20 Coalition congratulates the Russian B20 on the outcomes of the G20’s fifth anniversary year and appreciates the extent to which the momentum of the G20/B20 dialogue has been maintained throughout 2013.

B20 Coalition Members offer their support to the new Australian G20/B20 Presidency and welcome B20 Australia’s intention to focus on the four key issues of financing growth, human capital, infrastructure & investment, and trade, which mirror some of the Coalition’s own priorities.

As per the past Presidencies, the B20 Coalition is committed to providing all necessary support to the Australian B20 Presidency and to mobilizing its network and resources to contribute to the success of the project and to maximize the impact on G20 policymakers.

Official statements from the Russian and Australian B20 Presidencies

Key dates of B20 Australia Meetings 2014

21 Feb: B20 Meeting with Finance Ministers, Sydney

17-18 Jul: B20 Australia Summit, Sydney

20- 21 Sep: Meeting with Finance Ministers, Cairns

14-15 Nov: B20 Leaders’ Summit, Brisbane